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Funky Pet Toy Ball

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***Just Released*** Limited Time Only!

These custom designed Funky Pet Toy Ball gets you to surprise your pet with our new and bestselling electric toy ball! Give your fur baby the extra fun that matches his energy when you run out and never leave him hanging again.

Product Description:

  • Interactive: This funky ball randomly shifts from one movement and direction to another while also stimulating your pet's senses.
  • Encourages good behavior: This funky ball keeps your pet's attention while having fun, it also prevents unwanted behavior resulting from boredom.
  • Long-Lasting: Spoil your pet for hours on end, all you need is to add an AA battery and this super fun ball is ready to go!
  • Microfiber: One of the recent trends in vacuum cleaners, while your dog plays, he's also pretty much helping clean up your house.
  • Includes: 1 x Magic Roller Ball Toy, 4 x Colored Covers (4 colors)

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“Top Selling Pet Shower Scrub”

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