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Pride Transgender Flag

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Pride Transgender Flag

Show your support for the LGBT Community by flying this PRIDE Transgender Flag Indoors or Outdoors!

The flag represents the transgender community and consists of five horizontal stripes: two light blue, two pink, and one white in the center. Helms describes the meaning of the transgender pride flag as follows: "The stripes at the top and bottom are light blue, the traditional color for baby boys.

Transgender flag for LGBT community, a declaration of your support, love and PRIDE.

  • Polyester material, durable, easy to wash clean.
  • Double stitched all around the edge and strengthened by canvas header and two brass grommets, you will fully appreciate the workmanship and quality of this flag.
  • Colorful pattern with fade resistance: When your flag arrives at your home or business, notice the vibrant colors printed, and the dye is treated against UV fading.
  • Lightweight design, can fly in breeze, perfectly designed for low-wind areas.
  • Flies easily and dries quickly.
  • Full size: 90 x 150cm / 35.4 x 59.1 inches.
  • Approximate Dimensions 3 by 5 feet.
  • Package weight: 0.3 pounds
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